Youth Outreach

Youth are a vital part of our relationships with Indigenous communities. Since 2006, Western University's Indigenous Student Centre has offered innovative outreach programs to thousands of Indigenous youth (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) from across Southwestern Ontario and Canada. Our goals are to create fun opportunities for youth's academic, emotional and social exposure to the university. We currently host the following outreach programs:

  1. Youth Tutor Support, in collaboration with the Thames Valley District School Board, the Indigenous Academic Tutor Program provides personalized academic support and mentorship to Indigenous high school students enrolled at any TVDSB secondary school
  2. Track and Field Day, an opportunity for grade 6-8s in the Southwestern Region to visit the campus, learn about Track and Field and meet Indigenous varsity athletes!
  3. Mini-University Summer Program, a week-long immersive experience for youth ages 11-13 (Otter Program) and youth ages 14-17 (Crane Program) to engage in workshops from different faculties, learn from local community members and more!