Student Government

Western University offers many opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to be involved in the larger university community. Western's University Student Council (USC) and Western's Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) offer students the opportunity to use their voice, represent and advocate for their fellow students.

University Students' Council (USC)

The University Students' Council (USC) is one of the largest student government bodies in Canada as well as one of the largest non-profit organizations in London. The USC works to advocate and represent undergraduate students at Western.

Indigenous Relations Coordinator

The USC's Indigenous Relations Coordinator addresses relevant Indigenous issues as well as integrates Indigenous perspectives into USC programming, bringing awareness to work towards reconciliation as well as coordinating events and student engagement on campus.

The Indigenous Relations Coordinator for the 2021-2022 academic year is Otsístonkie Lazore (they/them).

Society of Graduate Students (SOGS)

The Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) is the advocating body for graduate students at Western. SOGS hosts social events, as well as offers members a Bus Pass and a Extended Health and Dental Plan through Ancillary Tuition Fees.