Sheri Osden Nault

Assistant Professor

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Sheri Osden Nault is a Métis visual artist, community activist, and Assistant Professor in Studio Arts at the University of Western Ontario.

They work across mediums including sculpture, performance, video, beading, Indigenous tattoo revival, and more. Their work speaks to their experiences as Métis and queer, considering embodied connections between human and non-human beings, land-based relationships, and kinship as Indigenous Futurist frameworks. They use their platform and art practice to share knowledges and medicines, and to support Two-Spirit youth when they are able. 

Through their work, they strive to build towards and acknowledge a future rich in kinship sensibilities, Two-Spirit wisdom, traditional and contemporary Indigenous art forms, and intersectional commitments of care and responsibility. Their practice is shaped by tactile ways of learning and sharing knowledges, while grounded in social and ecological justice. Aesthetically, they often explore chimeric ways of being, incorporating human and non-human bodily references, mold making, and gathered earth materials. It is their goal to integrate disability justice and accessibility practices into each new project they create.

Sheri currently lives and creates near the Deshkan Ziibing, on the lands of the Anishinaabek, Haudenosaunee, Lunaapéwak, and Chonnonton Nations, also known as ‘London, Ontario.’

They are colonially displaced Michif and nêhiyaw of the Charette, Bélanger, and Nault families with connections to the Red River, Duck Lake, North Battleford, and Rocky Mountain areas.