The Office of Indigenous Initiatives maintains ongoing engagement with Indigenous communities through the following two Committees:

Indigenous Postsecondary Education Council (IPEC)

Established in 1995 , Western’s IPEC– formally called the Aboriginal Employment and Education Council – acts as an ongoing mechanism for the University to seek advice and engage Indigenous communities in postsecondary matters. The  Council meets at least four times per year and its membership includes a wide range of people from both on and off campus.

Indigenous Faculty Advisory Council

Western University recognizes the vital role that Indigenous scholars play in Indigenizing the university. The purpose of the  Indigenous Faculty Advisory Council is to support Indigenous faculty members by holding a culturally safe space for them to meet regularly, nurture a sense of community, and discuss needs and challenges relevant to their success. The Council will also provide guidance to the Office of Indigenous Initiatives (OII) in the identification, development, and delivery of Indigenous strategies to support and advance Indigenous faculty members’ at the intersections of their teaching, research, and service. 

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