Indigenous Students' Association (ISA)


The goal of the Indigenous Student Association (ISA) is to maintain a sense of community amongst their peers and across campus while also attempting to provide programming, events, and workshops in order to educate Western's Campus about Indigenous peoples, their nations, and their distinct cultures alongside current issues involving Indigenous peoples presently. They plan on accomplishing these goals each academic school year, varying between years as each executive council changes leadership.

2019-2020 Executive Council

President: Tehya Quachegan
VP Finance:
Keenan Qin
VP Events:
 Alia BigGeorge
VP Communications: Laney Beaulieu
Environmental Projects Coordinator: Danielle Nicolardi
Allyship Coordinator: Jason Ayer
Outreach Coordinator: Olivia Thom
Creative Coordinator: Meghan Nahmabin
Finance Commissioner: Angela Green
Indigenous Studies Rep: Serena Mendizabal
First Year Rep: Emily Camillo
First Year Rep: Misko Kicknosway

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