Deleware Nation, Moraviantown

Faculty of Health Sciences, Kinesiology

Elissa NMy name is Elissa Noah, and I am turtle clan from Eelunaapeewi Lahkeewiit (Delaware Nation). I am currently completing my undergraduate degree in Health Sciences, Kinesiology. I have learned so much through this program and value it as living an active and healthy lifestyle is very important to me. I aspire to use my knowledge from the university as well as my Indigenous knowledge and bring it back to my community to assist in the health and rehabilitation of Indigenous people. I have always been an active member in my home community, so this is very important to me. While I knew university was my next step in my education journey, moving away from my small and rural community was a huge adjustment for me. The Indigenous Student Centre (ISC) was a home away from home for me. I have met so many new people and was given opportunities, including work-study jobs, volunteering, and networking, that I am very thankful for. I also had the opportunity to be an executive member on the Indigenous Student Association and believe that I would not have gotten this opportunity if it wasn't for ISC. The endless support, counselling, and opportunities through ISC and Western have made my university experience so memorable and rewarding. It makes me look forward to the future and the endless possibilities!