Our Elders are here to support students during their university journey. Indigenous Elders bring vitally missing Indigenous ways of knowing, languages, and cultural practices into the university learning and work context. You can book an appointment by phone, email, or stop in with Mandy Bragg at the Indigenous Student Centre.

Myrna Kicknosway

Myrna KicknoswayBoozhoo, Aanii, Shekon, Greetings. My name is Myrna Kicknosway and I am from Walpole Island, Bkejwanong Territory. I have been invited to The University of Western Ontario to assist students and staff in the area of Cultural awareness, consultation and counseling. I will be available at the Indigenous Student Centre on a regular basis for one on one, group sessions and/or Indigenous workshop sessions. You are more than welcome to drop by to talk, have tea or make an appointment to visit. My life journey and personal healing has provided me with an ever-expanding appreciation of the knowledge of Indigenous Cultures, Traditions, and our growth as Human Beings and unique members of our kind Creator’s family. Looking forward to meeting you…

Irene Peters

Irene PetersGreetings, my spirit name is Kitagaghosekwe of the Turtle Clan. I am mother of 4 remaining children out of 5. I have 10 grandchildren & 11 great grandchildren. My membership is with Munsee Delaware Nation. Because my house burned down in Munsee, my residence is currently at Moravian Delaware Nation. My last institutional education was in human resources of social work at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. After that my first place of employment was with the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians as an AIDS Educator. Since retirement I have accepted positions on various Elders Advisory boards. I also work with youth and enjoy the work. I go wherever called to help with cultural activities (Full Moon Ceremonies, Berry Fasts and Memorial feasts).

Bruce Elijah

 Bruce Elijah