Storytelling & Knowledge Sharing

Indigenous Voices Logo; turquoise with sound waves and ojibwe floralsOII hosts an ongoing program of Indigenous storytelling and knowledge sharing throughout the year. We invite Indigenous Elders, Knowledge Keepers, community members and teachers to share their experiences, perspectives and wisdom virtually, to bring us together across communities, from Western, to London to CMO, and beyond.

Treaty Knowledge Sharing with Al Day

June 28th 2022 4:00PM – 5:30PM; Online (Zoom). Register here.

Nanfan 1701 Treaty

The Nanfan Treaty of 1701 is one of the lesser known treaties of the area but there is much confusion and misunderstanding over what is covered under this treaty.  Some say it only covered hunting and fishing rights, but a deeper study shows that it was a lot more than that. Join Peetooteewiit as we discuss with Al Day, the complexities and try to come to a solid understanding of this important treaty.

Al Day

Al is of the Anowal (Turtle) Clan and his On^yota a:ka (Oneida) name is Lutahawit. Currently, he sits as Shonuhses, one of nine traditional Chiefs of the On^yota a:ka Lotiyaneshu (Oneida Nation Council of Chiefs). Al has been involved member of the Oneida community in sports and community service organizations, including over fifty years in leadership positions. He has represented Oneida and N’Amerind on numerous boards and agencies. Al was instrumental in the establishment of a number of regional and local organizations whose goals are to contribute to the well-being of Indigenous Peoples.He has served as a policy analysis for Indigenous organizations in the United States and Canada, has participated in negotiations with federal, provincial and state governments in both Canada and the United States.