The Path by Nvision

As part of our (Un)learning Pillar, OII in partnership with Western Libraries has obtained a license for use of The Path: Your Journey Through Indigenous Canada™ by NVision, to build capacity within staff, students, leadership and faculty in understanding Indigenous histories and contemporary realities.

This five module series gives brief overviews on general topics to build cultural humility and understand the impacts of colonization on Indigenous Peoples in Canada. 

This series covers the following topics: 

  • - the cultural and historical differences between First Nations, Inuit, and Métis;
  • - the evolution of the relationship between Canada and Indigenous people from pre-contact to yesterday’s headlines;
  • - stories of social and economic success, reconciliation and resilience;
  • - understanding intercultural communication in the workplace; and much more

Ways you can use The Path at Western:

  • Individual: personal professional development
  • Leadership: engaging your faculty, unit, team, committee or community of practice
  • Instructors: Embed one, or all five modules, into your course 
  • Students: groups, sports teams, committees

In order to support your needs and gain access to the Path for review purposes, please fill out this survey. Someone from Western Libraries or the Office of Indigenous Initiatives will be in touch with you within two weeks of submitting your request. 

Overview - 

  • Module I: What’s In a Name
  • Module II: Defining Moments in History 
  • Module III: More Defining Moments in History 
    Content warning: Indian Residential Schools
  • Module IV: It's the Law 
  • Module V: Building Relationships with Indigenous Peoples 

    Please note - This learning series discusses the Bering Strait Theory. The theory is frequently used to undermine Indigenous sovereignty and rights to steward land. There is a lot of conversation and controversy among scholars and Indigenous Peoples about this theory. Please consider accessing learning supports through the Indigenous Curriculum and Pedagogy Advisor to facilitate generative dialogue and enhance students' understanding of the material presented in the Path.