Category One - Academic Coursework

 Academic Coursework

Required: 20 Points 
Maximum: 50 Points  


Indigenizing curriculum is at the heart of Indigenizing education, and the Office of Indigenous Initiatives strives to provide supports for the respectful integration of Indigenous perspectives and pedagogies in the classroom. Many professors at Western University have made strides to integrate Indigenous topics and perspectives, resulting in over 50 courses being offered during the 2022-2023 academic year for students to enroll in that include Indigenous content, the majority of which are focused entirely on Indigenous history and perspectives. 

  • Fully Indigenous content:
    0.5 credit = 10 points
    1.0 credits = 20 points 
  • Partially Indigenous content:
    0.5 credits = 5 points
    1.0 credits = 10 points  


Please keep in mind, the course calendar changes each year and there will be new or different courses which were not assessed at the time of the Honour’s creation. This particularly applies to upper year courses, as they are often seminars or special topic courses. Independent study courses, such as Reading Courses and Research Practicums, are also typically offered and won’t appear on these lists if they are Indigenous-focused. Therefore, if there are any courses you have completed or are taking that are not currently identified, but you wish them to be considered, please contact OII at Some courses on the list may also not be offered anymore.  

Students must claim a minimum of 20 points to a maximum of 50 points from Category 1, Courses that consist of majority Indigenous content are weighted differently than courses which only partially include Indigenous content.

To see how Indigenous content percentages are determined, Learn more here… 

Please be advised: Your claim form will be cross-checked with your academic record to confirm completion of courses.  

Contact with questions or for more information.