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International Indigenous Policy Journal

The International Indigenous Policy Journal (IIPJ) (

This extremely successful journal is now held at Berkley Press (joint with Western Libraries).  It is in its 4th year and has had more than 66,000 verified readers (measured by Berkley Press as registered downloads of articles through the secure system).  The journal is peer reviewed and publishes both regular editions and special content editions. There is an international advisory committee (US, Australia, Russia and Canada at present) and an international editorial board. IIPJ is a peer-reviewed, policy-relevant research journal addressing issues pertaining to Indigenous peoples throughout the world.

IIPJ has a very specific set of goals:

  1. To promote evidence based policymaking.
  2. To encourage quality research based on partnerships with Indigenous peoples.
  3. To develop networks of policy researchers and policy makers, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, and their communities.
  4. To improve scholarship related to Indigenous issues.
  5. To spark debate on important policy issues facing countries and peoples around the world.