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Leadership in Aboriginal Education - Master of Professional Education Program (MPEd.)

This course-based master’s program prepares educators for a range of leadership roles in schools, school systems, colleges, adult learning settings and related agencies. In addition to a thorough grounding in the theories and practices of leadership, graduates of the program will have a comprehensive understanding of Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy and the historical and contemporary conditions of Aboriginal education in Canada. A specific emphasis on organizational and pedagogical strategies to improve Aboriginal student success is included as part of a broader consideration of the social, political and economic context of education.

Along with community-based partnerships with First Nations communities in southwestern Ontario, the Leadership in Aboriginal Education master’s program brings together students from a diverse range of ancestries and workplace backgrounds to critically engage with relevant issues in Indigenous Education. The program is designed around a cohort model that promotes peer-support, class cohesion, high completion rates, and a continuity of collaboration learning for the whole program.