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Mandy Bragg

Mandy Bragg

Academic Advisor 519-661-2111 x84033


Koola Maalsi! My name is Mandy and I am the Access Transition Opportunities (ATO) Counsellor. I am from the Munsee Delaware Nation, and I have been at Western for many years, now. I am dedicated to creating a supportive and healthy learning environment for you and your peers. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and keeping in touch with nature. Please feel free to drop by, and say hi!

Erik Mandawe

Danielle Robinson

Financial Aid Advisor 519-661-2111 x88567


Boozhoo Waabigwan Giizis Kwe ndizhinikaaz, miskwaadesi ndodem, Biigtigong Nishnaabeg ndoonjiba. Hello, my name is Danielle Robinson. I am Turtle Clan from Biigtigong Nishnaabeg, a small first nation on the north shore of Lake Superior. I have been at Western University for a while now; I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in First Nation Studies in 2016, a Masters of Public Health in 2017 and I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Health Professional Education. Throughout my educational journey at Western, Indigenous Services has been there every step of the way from amazing programs, supports, and events to truly being a community away from home. I am beyond thrilled to be a part of this amazing team and look forward to helping students through their own educational journeys.

Erik Mandawe

Zeeta Lazore Cayuga

Indigenous Liaison Admissions Coordinator 519-661-2111 x84442


My name is Zeeta, I’m Bear clan Onondaga from Six Nations and Akwesasne. I graduated from Western University with a Honours Specialization in First Nations Studies. During my time on campus, I was involved with the Mini-University Outreach Program, Indigenous Student Association, Social Science Student Council and so many other great extracurricular activities. All of these opportunities and the amazing Onkwehonwe community at Western helped shape who I am today, which is why I am so excited to be able to assist prospective students on their academic journey with Western University.  Interested in applying to Western? Please don't hestitate to reach out to me to chat! 


Amanda Myers

Community Enhancement Coordinator  519-661-2111 X 86423

Waynaboozhoo Kitaay Bizhikikwe ndizhinikaaz, waabizheshi ndodem.  Anishinaabe, Bodewadomi miinwa Métis ndow, bezho Mide kwe ndow.  Amanda Myers is my English name and I am a graduate of Western University with a Bachelor of Arts in First Nations Studies and Visual Art as well as a Bachelor of Education. Prior to attending university, I graduated from the Jewellery Arts program at George Brown College and operated my own business as a full-time goldsmith for 5 years. As a professional artist, I work with acrylic paint, stained glass, beads and leather. I have always loved to share my skills with others which led me to a path in education. Through workshop facilitation in southern Ontario schools and in working with the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health in the Fourth R program here in the Thames Valley District School Board, I have come to realize that my place is in helping our youth to feel confident in their identity and move forward in a positive direction.


Candace Brunette-Debassige

Kelly Nicholas

Administration Assistant 519-661-2111 x85533


Tsyolut niyukits, Thayuni niwahkitalot^, Onyota'a:ka niwahkuhutsyot^,Kohslakanen wakaneklatu

Shekoli/Greetings.  Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Kelly Nicholas, wolf clan of the Oneida Nation located southwest of London where I live with my family. I have worked at Western University since 1997 in various capacities within Indigenous Services.  I enjoy working with the Indigenous Services Team to offer support and encouragement to all Indigenous Students who have chosen Western as their academic path to learning.   

Genevieve Fisher

Genevieve Shaw

Administrative Coordinator 519-661-4095 (Reception Direct Line) / 519-661-2111 X 88279 


My name is Genevieve Shaw and I am the Administrative Coordinator. I am a proud First Nations woman from Chippewas of the Thames First Nation. In 2014 I graduated from Western University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (majored in Popular Music Studies and minored in First Nations Studies). I am an advocate for education and encourage those around me to always follow their dreams. Throughout my four years at Western I pursued my music career. Although it was difficult at times to juggle both my music and educational career, I had wonderful support from staff, students, family and friends. It is important to surround yourself with positive and encouraging people. I am very honoured to be a part of the team here at Indigenous Services and hope to help inspire our students!

Myrna Kicknosway

Myrna Kicknosway

Visiting Elder

Boozhoo, Aanii, Shekon, Greetings,


My name is Myrna Kicknosway and I am from Walpole Island, Bkejwanong Territory. I have been invited to The University of Western Ontario to assist students and staff in the area of Cultural awareness, consultation and counseling. I will be available at the Indigenous Services offices on a regular basis for one on one, group sessions and/or Indigenous workshop sessions. You are more than welcome to drop by to talk, have tea or make an appointment to visit. My life journey and personal healing has provided me with an ever-expanding appreciation of the knowledge of Indigenous Cultures, Traditions, and our growth as Human Beings and unique members of our kind Creator’s family. Looking forward to meeting you…

Bruce Elijah

Bruce Elijah

Visiting Elder



Bruce Elijah is a traditional healer from the Wolf Clan of the Onyota’a:ka (People of the Standing Stone)  Nation. He has also been an organizer in Native communities since the 1960’s. He has a unique gift in being able to sort through the confusion to help people arrive at solutions from within themselves, Bruce recognizes the importance of helping individuals to recognize and cultivate their creator given gifts, which enables them to be healthier contributors to their families, their extended families, their clans, their communities, and their Nations. This will help our societies to return to the self-sufficient wholistic way of life we once enjoyed. Bruce offers one on one counseling, massages, foot soaks, and group discussions.

Bruce’s track record has been excellent and contains many success stories from our people who have found their healing paths, continued their lifelong learning paths and have contributed in many ways in helping their communities.

Liz Akiwenzie

Liz Akiwenzie

Visiting Elder




I am both Ojibway and Oneida. My Ojibway name is “Nistangkwe” (understanding woman); and my Oneida name is “Teyeyato Lehte” (she who reason and sees both side). I am mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, I enjoy woman's traditional dancing, hand drum singing and sharing the beautiful teachings of the Original people of this land. 

I have been working in the helping field for over 30 years. I have a social work background which I have had the honour of working as an Addictions Healing and Wellness Instructor in an Aboriginal Social Services Worker Program, and within Correctional Services Canada, Probation Services, a Sexual Abuse Center, and as a Traditional/Cultural Educator. I am also a Ceremonial Conductor, and a Traditional Helper to the people.  

I have gained many teachings over the years, along with doing my own healing work of my heart, mind, body and spirit. My passion is to empower people, so they may see, feel and understand their own natural gifts given by the Creator, and assist them in understanding their feelings, thoughts and how to use them to create a happier and healthier life style. 





April Jones



Way-Weni-Boo-Zhoo! Greetings to you and Welcome! I am Ojibway Annishinabe from Neeyashingniming (Cape Croker First Nation.) My family belongs to Nigig (Otter Clan.) My spirit name is Zhowshko Bineshee Qway or (Bluebird Woman.)

I love working at Indigenous Services because it feels like coming home. A number of years ago I moved to London from my small community to start my Western journey as a mature student. I felt lost and out of place! But I meet the challenges and managed to finish a degree in Social Work. What helped me most during that time was the loving and supportive Indigenous Presence here at Western. It is wonderful to return and to be a part of the growth, development and strength of this beautiful Indigenous Center.  

I have worked in many Indigenous Communities through South Western Ontario over the last 20 years in many different ways: Namely in some type of helper or teaching role. Somewhere along the way I went to graduate school and completed a Masters in Indigenous Social Work. Somewhere along the way I have continued to learn our traditional stories, songs and ceremonies of strength and wellness. This is what has helped me most in life, and what I am excited to share with others.

I also have experience of new and exciting practices and knowledge in the area of Quantum Science. Finally, western science and health are “catching up” to what Indigenous People have always known: That we can transform ourselves; that we are amazing brilliant spirits with purpose and knowledge! I would say that I am open to learning, and excited to share in any way that I can. Most of all, I am excited to support you so that you can recognize your full potential